Its All About Me

I am an old and useless ex-England rugby captain, who has just set up a blog, a twitter account and also a virtual Rugby clubhouse!

I was Captain of England Rugby team between 1988 and 1996, which makes me around 42 years old’ish!

If you are a Rugby fan, love a bit of banter and are online, come join Rucku, a virtual clubhouse we created.

You can read an excellent review of it here, thanks Mike.

I also am known to ramble and talk shite on Twitter, add me as a friend if you like that sort of thing, warning it is bloody addictive.

Finally, contacting me, I do as you might imagine get a fair few requests and emails.  I do try to answer all and really welcome any feedback on a) RuckU and b) The videos of me talking shite.  Please either leave a comment on this blog, send me an @ message on Twitter.

I look forward to what looks set to be a great 2009.